How to order?

You can order from Showroom Phone Number, Messenger, Viber, Email.

How long does it take for order?

If customer product is ready, delivery time will be within 3 days. If not, delivery time will be from 7 days to 10 days.

How many colors do you have?

Depends on Fabric, we have different types of colors.

How many types of Fabric do you have?

We have 7 Types of Fabric.

Is there any size for Doctor Coat?

Yes, we have size from XS to 4XL.

How many designs do you have for OT Coat / Medical Scrubs /.

Yes we have different. Could you please visit to our website

Do you have delivery service?

Yes, we have.

Do you send to other region?

Yes, we send.

How do we transfer for fees?

Yes, you can transfer from online banking, ATM & OK Dollor. Here are our account number.
Khin Thandar Ko – KBZ ATM – 999 307 044 008 511 01
Khin Thandar Ko – AYA Bank – 019 222 201 000 1419
Khin Thandar Ko – OK Dollor Phone Number Account – 09 401 598989

Can we change after purchased?

We will only accept to change at our counter with Actual Slip and it should be within 3 days after purchased.